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Başlıktaki bu sözler Dr. Erika Schwartz’ ın yeni kitabının adı: DON’ T LET YOUR DOCTOR KILL YOU!

Doktorlar hata yaparlar. Hem de çok! diye söze başlayan Dr. Schwartz’ ın bu kitabını İngilizce bilenler bilmeyenler anlatsınlar!


Doctors make mistakes. They make a lot of them. Whether it is surgery related or their advice on curing our ailments, prescribing antibiotics to a child that doesn’t need it or dumping SSRI’s down every person who feels a little down’s throat; people are being harmed. Doctors are the problem so much so that one of their own is finally calling the culture of incompetence out.

Dr. Erika Schwartz new book,  Don’t Let Your Doctor Kill You: How to Beat Physician Arrogance, Corporate Greed and a Broken System, is making a lot of people incredibly uncomfortable: Namely, Doctors. When Doctors make mistakes, the consequences are often life-endangering and fatal. Anyone who has ever had a bad experience with pharma or a bully Doctor or a hospital is going to want to read Schwartz’s new book.

We are conditioned to believe we must listen to the alarmist bullying of doctors who don’t know us or anything specific about our lives.

— Dr. Erika Schwartz

Schwartz is blaming pharmaceutical companies for much of the issues, highlighting their financial lobbying presence in the healthcare industry as dangerous.

Dr. Erika Schwartz believes that today’s patient is but a leaf blowing in the wind of group-think protocols, corrupt medical societies, insurance companies on the take, and billion dollars in marketing and lobbying pressure from drug companies.

Schwartz isn’t going to make any friends with her new book, that’s certain, but her mass appeal throughout mainstream media might begin to open the eyes of a great many people who just ‘fall in line.’ The healthcare system is a complete disaster. Doctors are overmedicating people just for the sake of helping pharmaceutical companies peddle more drugs. Our healthcare system isn’t in the business of looking for cures; it is in the business of prolonging disease to keep the demographic (sick people) as longer-term customers. Doctors aren’t educated on vaccines or diet; they are educated on pharmaceutical treatments. Their first response to any ailment is almost always a pill.

Take for example weight loss. In most cases, weight loss is as simple as dietary modifications. But Doctors are all too often prescribing weight loss medications or dangerous surgeries to individuals who themselves, don’t understand the concept of obesity. Most of these people end up with worsening health consequences as a result of speed pills and surgeries.

Parents are often bullied into pumping massive amounts of vaccines into their children, as well as over-prescribing antibiotics in cases where antibiotics simply aren’t needed. Doctors are authority figures in our society, and they’ve abused the role. Schwartz is now attempting to shed light on the situation and hopefully lead many people down the path of enlightenment. We have to take control of our health back from the establishment.


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