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Has your doctor lied to you? 

Chances are he has, and most likely unknowingly.  If you’ve been misled by bad medical advice your health will suffer. It is time you discover the truth. Medical research is expanding so quickly that only the most dedicated doctors can keep up with it all.  Is your doctor that dedicated?

Lies My Doctor Told Me reveals the truth behind the lies told by well-meaning doctors.  Whether it’s recommending a low-fat diet, or warning you to avoid the sun, these medical lies can cause really harm to your health. 

Does your doctor still recommend that you avoid cholesterol and eat lots of whole-grains?  What about a paleo diet or ketogenic diet, have they been mentioned in an office visit?  So much of the nutrition and lifestyle advice doctors give is just plain wrong, and that can be dangerous.  This book will help you sort through the medical myths and the outright lies, and begin to develop a health partnership with your doctor.

This book will teach you:

  • the truth about whole wheat’s effect on the human body
  • whether milk is good for you
  • the facts about fat intake on your heart health
  • how the Food Pyramid came into existence
  • the dangers and benefits of hormone therapy
  • the truth about salt
  • how doctors think about prevention and nutrition
  • much more


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