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Habertürk Simge

Habertürk’ te daha önce canlı olarak yayınlanan Simge Fıstıkoğlu ile “Burası Haftasonu” programının tekrarı yayınlandı. Kilo, vücut kitle endeksi, beslenme, ne yiyelim ne içelim, klimalar gibi konularda sohbet ettik.

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EK 1 (28.4.2023): “BMI is trash. Full stop.” This controversial tweet, which received thousands of likes and retweets, was cited in a recent Medscape perspective by one doctor on when physicians might stop using body mass index (BMI) to diagnose obesity.

Body mass index (BMI) has for years been the consensus default method for assessing whether a person is overweight or has obesity, and is still widely used as the gatekeeper metric for treatment eligibility for certain weight-loss agents and bariatric surgery.

But growing appreciation of the limitations of BMI is causing many clinicians to consider alternative measures of obesity that can better assess both the amount of adiposity as well as its body location, an important determinant of the cardiometabolic consequences of fat.

Kaynak: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/991210


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